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Last Month – EOS at 185%, TRON at 158%, IOTA at 133% followed by Bitcoin Cash, Cardan
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Despite a bearish beginning to the year when Bitcoin was still around the $14K – $16K range, the past month has proven to be more than a bullish signal. The past month reflects gains for the top coins in the market, riding a wave of bullish trends.

5 of the top 10 coins by total market cap showed over 100% growth over the month, with the market slowly building up a bullish momentum. It is a turn-around from the mostly stagnant market of March, with many coins building up to highs not seen since the overly bullish market of December last year

There have been exemplary performers over the past month but out of the Top 20 here are a few ranked according to the order of % gain over the past month:

1. EOS [EOS]:

The top gainer this month was EOS. At a 185% growth, it stands head and shoulder above the competition. It started off last month at $5.78 on April 4th, going up to $22.13 on April 29th. At press time, it currently rests at $17.25, with a 7.08% growth in the last week. It is currently at the #5 position by an overall market cap. A few factors have led to its growth that occurred over the last month. Some of them are:

2. TRON [TRX]:

The second-most profitable coin last month was TRON. With a 158% growth over the last month, it started at $0.031 on April 4th, grazing the $0.1 mark on April 30th and coming to rest at $0.084 at press time. It had a growth of 13.66% last week. It overtook Ethereum [ETH] earlier last month to take the #3 spot an by overall market cap and it currently rests at the #11 position after being overtaken by IOTA. A few significant factors that occurred last month related to TRON are:

  • Upcoming main net launch on 31st May, from being an ERC20 token to its own blockchain.

  • BittrexBitfinex, and others added support for main net migration.

  • Airdrop on Ethereum blockchain as a token of good faith.

IOTA has the third highest gains last month, with a whopping 133% growth rate. It began last month at $1.01 on April 4th, and is currently at $2.64, with a 19.02% hike in the last week. IOTA overtook the #9 position from TRON earlier this week, and continues to maintain growth momentum following significant partnerships, some of which include:

  • Joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, which is a consortium of vehicle makers aimed at using blockchain to make transportation safer and more affordable.

  • World’s first IOTA charging station for cars was initiated.

  • Cobinhood and Huobi listed IOTA.
4. Bitcoin Cash [BCH]:

Roger Ver’s controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash came in 4th for overall growth during the last month, with a growth of 113%. It started off at $665 on April 4th, which was low after March’s $1000+ prices, but made up for it by reaching $1549 on April 24th. It currently rests at the #4 position with a value of $1514, and a 9.38% growth over the last week. Bitcoin Cash had a lot of events this month, some of which include:

  • Upcoming hard fork on May 15th, increasing block size from 8MB to 32MB.

  • Antpool, one of the world’s largest mining operations, burnt 12% of all BCH mined increasing demand slightly.

  • Bitpay added support for Point of Sale payments of BCH through their mobile app Bitpay checkout.
5. Cardano [ADA]:

Cardano was the 5th highest gainer last month, coming in closely behind Bitcoin Cash with a growth of 111%. It was at $0.16 on April 4th, reaching a high point of $0.38 on April 29th. It is currently trading at $0.36 at the #6 overall position by market cap, with a growth of 22.80% in the last week. 

There has been a lot of buzz around Cardano lately, and a few of the significant events that affected its price last month are:

6. Ethereum [ETH]:

The root of altcoins, Ethereum exhibited a 91% growth over the last month, trailing behind the pack. It holds the #2 spot by an overall market cap, with a current value of $793 and 18.75% growth over the last week. It started last month off at a value of $386 on April 4th and broke the $700 barrier on April 24th. A few events over the month were:

  • Phishing of MyEtherWallet by Google Public DNS hijack.

  • Amazon Web Services released a blockchain template that allows Ethereum mining.

  • Golem launches on Ethereum network.

  • Gray zone between being a security jeopardizing its position.
7. Stellar Lumens [XLM]:

Stellar Lumens seems to aim its boosters to the moon, with a growth rate of 90% over the last month. From a price of $0.21 on April 4th, it reached a high point of $0.46 on April 29th. It is currently at a price of $0.43 with a growth of 5.12% over the last week. A number of events happened over the last month with Stellar Lumens, some of which include:

  • added support for fiat trading

  • Bitfinex and Abra added support for exchange of Lumens

  • Partnership with Novatti Group partnership for cross-border remittance
8. VeChain [VEN]:

VeChain’s growth is close behind Stellar’s, with a growth rate of 88% over the last month. It started with a price of $2.58 on April 4th, going up to $5.38 on May 3rd. It is currently trading at $5.29 with a growth of 35% this week. Some significant events this month were:

  • Partnership with PWC.

  • Bithumb listed VEN for exchange.

  • Rebranded blockchain to VechainThor, with a main net launch ‘soon’.
9. Ripple [XRP]:

Ripple rode the waves last month, with a growth of 61%. It grew from $0.51 on April 4th, reaching $0.95 on April 25th. It is currently trading at $0.91 at the #3 spot, with a growth rate of 7.61% over the last week. Ripple strode ahead with partnerships and events this month, some of which are:

10. Bitcoin [BTC]:

The original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin still held the #1 position by market cap by a mammoth margin but had a lackluster growth of just 31% last month. It was trading at $7074 on April 4th, going up as high as $9740 on April 25th, fuelling hype that the $10000 barrier would be broken again. It is currently trading at $9743 with a 4.89% growth over the last week. Bitcoin had no shortage of news this month, however, and some are:

  • Buy notice from investment company Pantera.

  • Mt. Gox moved 16000 Bitcoin tokens to a cold wallet.

  • John Pfeffer quoted Bitcoin as a viable candidate to replace gold as a store of value.

  • Talks of Reddit bringing back payments through Bitcoin.

  • Streamlined Point of Sale transactions using Bitcoin through Bitpay Checkout.

  • Huobi launches with support for Bitcoin.
11. Litecoin [LTC]:

Litecoin rounds out the collection with a meager growth of 22% over the last month. It started with a price of $123 on April 4th, touching a high point of $165 on April 25th. It is currently trading at a price of $163 with a growth of 8.25% over the last week. Some significant news includes:

  • Dropped from #5 position to #9 earlier this week.

  • Korbit and TenX wallet added support for LTC transactions.

  • Partnership with Aliant Payments.
The market is reflecting bullish trends this month, with high gains for most of the top 20 coin. Increased adoption and mainstream proliferation continue to drive up the price of cryptocurrencies.

Wall Street Financial institutions seem eager to adopt cryptocurrency after looking at viable profits, with Goldman Sachs announcing a crypto trading desk yesterday and NASDAQconsidering opening a cryptocurrency exchange as per their announcement earlier this week.


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