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Hello, I built an awesome game called DeathRaffle using the Stellar technology. It was so good and creative that Jed himself contacted me about it and said it was an interesting idea and even offered suggestions for advertising it.

However, unfortunately after putting all of the hard work to create the game idea, front-end & back-end code, and compiling a huge seed database I contacted a lawyer and they told me that it was completely illegal in my state to run it! So much for the land of the free!
Anyway, I want to offer all of the code, domain name, and database for sale. I'm not asking much, just trying to recoup some of my costs and time in building it. Make me an offer!

Oh, and BTW, I was really hoping to enter this into the Stellar Build Contest and win a huge prize but I can't do that because it has to be running website (and I can't do that due to the laws where I am!) and so whoever buys this can submit it for themselves if they'd like.
Here's the game:

You purchase a raffle ticket and are automatically added to a pool of 9 other tickets. The ticket contains a randomly selected celebrity from around the world that includes their full name, age, and a description of who they are. You're pool ID and your ticket ID.
I made it as simple and anonymous as possible. There are no 'accounts' to sign up for. The user just sends XRP to the public address. Upon receipt the system will automatically create the ticket, set the pool, and then send a very small payment back to the same address with the ticket information in the MEMO field of the payment.

The user can take the raffle ticket id, come back to the site, and see who they got.

Then, you just wait. As soon as a celebrity dies in real life, the admin goes to the site and marks them as having died. The person holding that ticket in a 'closed pool' (meaning at least 10 tickets are in it will receive 80% of the proceeds and the site keeps 20%. It's that easy.
It's based on the popular concept called a Death Party where people do the same thing but offline and usually at a local bar. The winner has to throw the next party and provide the beer/pizza and keep the difference for the trouble.

Anyway, I have just shy of 3000 real celebrities and all of their information in the database.

If anyone lives in a place where it would be legal for them to run this game then by all means send me an offer (I'll take any cryptocurrency payment) and we'll go from there.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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