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Here’s Why Stellar Lumens (XLM) Cryptocurrency Could Lead The Altcoin Surge In 2019
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[Image: Why-Stellar-could-become-huge-in-2019-696x449.jpg]
Why Stellar Could Become Huge In 2019

Stellar (XLM) is a coin that hardly needs any introduction at this point, as it has already achieved a lot, with even more impressive goals expected to be achieved in the future. The coin's team has focused a lot on reinforcing crypto asset swaps, which has made XLM one of the best coins for placing orders with.

It has often made headlines in 2018, even though the year was dominated by a bear market which has caused a lot of damage to many other cryptos, including Stellar's competitors. Of course, Stellar has suffered as well, especially regarding its price. However, the coin remains one of the most stable non-stablecoin digital assets out there.

Stellar In The First Days Of 2019

At the time of writing, the coin's price is at $0.114871, and while this may not be especially impressive, its market cap sits well above $2.2 billion. Stellar has also had a lot of movement on the list of top 10 coins by market cap, especially in the last two months. It currently sits at the 6th spot on CoinMarketCap's list of largest cryptos, although it threatens to regain the 5th spot, presently occupied by EOS.

The coin is also often compared to XRP, as they are both focusing on providing a faster, cheaper, and better way of making international payments. The most significant difference between the two is the fact that XRP aims to provide these services to banks and financial institutions around the world. Stellar, on the other hand, offers its services to individuals, which will help those in developing countries, and especially those who are considered underbanked or unbanked.

Also, the coin is considered to be the fastest cryptocurrency on the market, with transaction speed only lasting around 3 seconds, which is a current record. Not to mention its DEX which offers extremely low fees, and a dedicated and robust community.

Furthermore, Stellar is expected to become one of the tokens known for STOs (Security Token Offerings), which are to become spiritual successors to ICOs. Security tokens are believed by many to be the future of crypto or at least a large part of the future, and jumping on an opportunity to launch them early might pay off shortly.

Partnership With IBM

Stellar already has a lot of things going for it, but its success does not stop there. As many are already aware of, it is crucial for cryptocurrencies to enter large, important partnerships to survive. Big, influential partners can back a coin by name and funds, and Stellar understands this very well.

While XRP has entered a partnership with countless banks across the world, Stellaris backed by a tech giant IBM, which serves as proof that the coin has potential, as well as a future. In return, IBM will make use of Stellar's advanced payment protocol to provide almost instant international payments.

Everything that Stellar has achieved so far, as well as most of the things that its developers are still working on, are expected to take this cryptocurrency to new heights in 2019.

Every crypto investor hopes that this year will finally loosen the bearish grip, and if it happens, Stellar's potential might truly take this coin to the stars. While the future is still unknown at this point, XLM seems like a coin worth investing in, and it is indeed a coin worth holding onto.


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