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"!! Announcements - invites African Developers to $2 Billion Lumen Challenge
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=183]
By Jayson Oyibu
On September 1, 2016 in San Francisco, California,, the announced that it would be taking submissions for the Stellar Build Challenge. $3 million USD, will be given to winners across four categories via quarterly awards.
Entries for the inaugural Stellar Build Challenge are now open and will end on September 20 at midnight PST.
The first round of winners will be announced on October 1, 2016. To enter for the Stellar Build Challenge, follow this link to the entry form:
Build Challenge is aimed at encouraging creativity and technical development in the Stellar ecosystem. Interesting projects and tools for developers are already underway, including:
• an indexer to produce custom visualizations of the Stellar network in Kibana
• a tool to send lumens via Slack messages
• an iOS wallet for lumens protected with two-factor authentication
• a real-time dashboard of transactions, ledgers and statistics of the Stellar network
“With every visit to West Africa, we’re continually impressed by the talented tech communities we’ve come across” said Jed McCaleb, CTO of “Our goal with the Stellar Build Challenge is for local developers across West Africa and elsewhere to use Stellar’s open financial platform to build applications that serve their audiences. We’re excited to work with these communities, and to see the innovative results!” will grant awards in the these four categories: Anchors, Applications, Exchanges, and First-Time Submissions.
• Anchors: Anchors are banks, licensed money-service providers, or mobile money operators that accept deposits, issue credits, and honor withdrawals on the Stellar network. Entries will be evaluated based on usage and uptake. Winners of the anchors category will be awarded annually, and there will be four prizes, ranging from 22 million lumens to 55 million lumens.
• Exchanges: An exchange is a platform that supports lumen trading. Entries will be evaluated by the lumen volume on the qualifying exchange. Winners of the exchanges category will be awarded annually, and there will be four prizes, ranging from 5 million lumens to 33 million lumens.
• Applications: All kinds of applications are possible with the Stellar network. To help guide development, the program will focus on the three subcategories — wallets, most active forum dedicated to Stellar, and most innovative applications. Due to the qualitative nature of this category, award recipients will be determined by a panel of community members. Winners of the application category will be awarded quarterly, and there will be multiple prizes for each subcategory, ranging from 2.7 million lumens to 11 million lumens.
• First-Time Submissions: To encourage developers new to the Stellar ecosystem to build, each first-time submission from a unique GitHub account will be awarded 200K lumens. Participants may only receive the first-time submission award once.

For more details on the qualifications and criteria for the categories, award amounts and judging panel, visit:

Aug 31, 2016
hello friends from Africa, lets hang out and promote your product here, be creative  Cicilove
Months so quickly that I missed the show
interested, 200,000 XLM for first submission Wink 
hope i will get1 of that,,
good luck everyone..
(14-01-2017, 10:35 PM)prejusd Wrote: interested, 200,000 XLM for first submission Wink 
hope i will get1 of that,,
good luck everyone..

I think it's 250,000 XLM this round for first time submissions.
Did you submit anything?
woowww... thats very great news.. but it only for african invitation so cannot joint. but this is great news for next stellar currency

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